Ice Harvest Committee donation is a thanks for the community's support

New sailboat decorations added to beachfront

Ice Palace construction has brought even more excitement and enjoyment to Detroit Lakes. King Isbit's Ice Palace is clearly visible from the street during daylight hours, but now motorists are noticing that there's something new to see during the evening hours as well. 

When St. Paul bowed out of the project and Detroit Lakes decided to build its own palace from the harvested ice, the Detroit Lakes Ice Harvest Committee decided to include some sort of lighting fixtures along West Lake as part of its GoFundMe campaign for the project as a way to commemorate the hard work being done and the history being made.

Modeled after the red and blue Detroit Lakes' city logo, colorfully lighted sailboat decorations now adorn the utility poles on the beachfront side of West Lake. Being permanent, these fixtures will be able to be enjoyed year round.  

Source, credits, and full article: DL Online

image credits:  WDAY 6   DL Online

image credits: WDAY 6 DL Online

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