LAKE LIFE : A Vision as Unique as You

Lake life is about rejuvenation, adventure and making memories


From the soothing sound of waves lapping against the shore, to the fresh breeze rustling the leaves overhead, to the smooth surface of the water stretching out like glass under an endless Minnesota sky, the lake is the heart and soul of lake life. But each lake hosts a community and culture all its own, a distinct personality that’s as unique as the people who call it home. From sugar sand beaches to wooded retreats to vibrant social centers, there are more than 400 lakes to explore in this little corner of paradise in northwestern Minnesota. Your vision of lake life is out there, just waiting to be discovered.

The lakes clustered around Detroit Lakes, Pelican Rapids, Vergas, Perham, Ottertail and throughout the north woods region of the western part of Minnesota offer stunning scenery and a wide range of recreational and community attractions to suit a variety of lifestyles. The first step in finding the perfect spot to settle down is decoding your dream and discovering what kind of lake life is best for you.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of that perfect haven, a secluded cabin where you can relax, throw a line in the water and get away from it all. Lake life means the echo of a loon’s call across the water on a foggy morning, quiet walks through virgin forest and the thrill of discovering that perfect fishing spot, with nothing but beauty and stillness for miles around.

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Or perhaps you crave a cup of coffee with a magnificent sunrise view, long naps, a cozy corner with a comfortable chair and a stack of well-loved books and a deck where you can stretch out and unwind. Lake life is about tranquility, rejuvenation and life’s quieter pleasures, with no to-do lists and no obligations.

Are you a social butterfly? Then you’ll love exploring the charming shops and restaurants of bustling lakeside cities and connecting with the lively social scene on the waterfront. Pull your boat right up to the dock and hop out to grab a snack with friends, check out summer festivals and community events right in your own backyard or invite the neighbors over for a leisurely lunch. Lake life is sun-kissed shoulders after a full day on the water and relaxing with friends as the catch of the day sizzles on the grill.

Lake life can be about family, about creating a place to form new traditions and making memories that last a lifetime. Your dream lake home is a lively social center, the summer meeting place for family and friends. Lake life is little feet splashing in the shallows, building sand-castles in the sand, perfecting your cannonball and teaching the next generation to bait a hook or drive the boat. It’s about the smell of wood smoke and the spark of a campfire and the connections that we form when we spend time with those we love.

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Adventurers will find lots to love in north-western Minnesota, from water sports to top-notch fishing to a plethora of parks, trails and green spaces to explore.

And lake life doesn’t hibernate in the winter, either.  Try your luck at ice fishing, zoom over established trails and across frozen lakes on a snowmobile and explore the state’s pristine forests and scenic spaces on cross country skis. Lake life is exhilaration, the rush of the road less traveled, the grin on your face as you fly across the water or kick up a fine powder of snow.

Lake life can mean the beginning of a new chapter in life, the realization of a long-awaited dream, a fresh start.  Maybe you’ve worked hard all your life and this is your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Maybe you long for a different kind of life, one where nature is at your finger-tips and life moves at a slower pace.  Lake life is re-calibration, balance, that feeling of coming home.

Lake life doesn’t have to be a dream. The perfect place is out there, just waiting for you on one of northwestern Minnesota’s 400 inspiring lakes. Make this the year that you stop dreaming about lake life. Make this the year that you start living it.