Long Bridge Bar, Grill & Marina

Popularity of Long Bridge Bar and Grill
spans decades

The Long Bridge Bar and Grill and Marina on Detroit Lake has been around for more than 20 years, and for the past two it has been owned by Matt Pierce.

Pierce said that's long enough to know he made the right decision when he purchased the operation, which he described as a team effort.

"This isn't my show, I don't do this by myself. I'm one of a team here," Pierce said.

According to Pierce, the bar is busy much of the time, but especially on weekend nights when live music is offered.

And there's the bridge.

"We're really well known around the lake for the atmosphere and what the business is, but on top of that we've got the bridge here," Pierce said.

"That (bridge) is packed almost daily in the summer with kids jumping off it. A lot of people fish off this bridge year-round, it's crazy," he added.

Another draw is the bar's menu, Pierce said.

"We're known for our wings and our burgers, and we do a lot of different salads, as well as other sandwiches," said Pierce, who added that strong demand for food prompted the addition last summer of a second kitchen.

"The business is so robust, we had to find a way to serve faster, so that was our answer," he said.

Other improvements are on the way, including turning an outside porch area into a year-round structure and a rooftop bar is planned that will seat about 40 people, Pierce said.

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image credits:  Inforum

image credits: Inforum