7th Annual Zorbaz Zki Plane Chili Fly-In

February 3rd @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Little Sand Lake 7 mi northwest of Park Rapids

Please join us for the Seventh Annual Zorbaz Zki Plane Chili Fly-In at Zorbaz Restaurant on Little Sand Lake. We will bazk in the glow of a fire, zlurp down zome really great chili, enjoy good company and the warmth of Zhateau Zorbaz. 

For more information, call Robb at (218-237-1969, or email robb@zorbaz.com or visit www.zorbaz.com) for updates. Fuel available self-serve at Park Rapids Aviation.

Source, credits, and more information: MNPilots

image credits:  Zorbaz

image credits: Zorbaz

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