Intro to Fly Fishing

Every Wednesday from
March 21st- April 4th @ 6:00 pm

Want to learn the sport of fly fishing? Here is an introductory class designed to get you started in the sport of fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a great way to fish not only trout, but big pike, small and largemouth bass and panfish. You will learn about selection and proper use of equipment and accessories along with casting principles.

Participants, ages 16 and older, will learn the basic principles of fly casting, reading water, fly selection, entomology, knot tying and rigging, equipment, and where to fish locally and across the US. After this class, students will be all set to hit the water.

This class welcomes those who have never fly fished before and are looking to start or anyone looking to refine your skills.

Students are welcome to bring their own equipment, but equipment can be provided as well. This class meets three sessions and includes a fishing trip to conclude the class. Limit 6.

Source, image, credits, more information & hosted by: Front 20 Outfitters, LLC