Fergus Falls Public Library’s construction is coming along quickly

On Monday afternoon, a sneak peek tour of the Fergus Falls Public Library was given to show the progress that’s been made with construction thus far.

“The big feature that is most prominent at this point would be the new entry to the library,” Dillon Larsen, architect with Bentz/Thompson/Rietow, said at the beginning of the tour.

Soon, there will be a welcoming triangular public plaza at the new entrance, between the two parking lots that will feature covered walkways to the entrance.

Visitors to the worksite can see the wells being drilled in the future parking lot sites, which will be used for the geothermal heating and cooling system.

The library’s director, Erin Smith, was present for the tour to answer questions and point out key features as well, like the drive-thru book drop that will be attached to the building itself for convenience of both library users and library staff.

The exterior of the building will be brick, with the brick from the existing portion of the library being stained to match the new.

“It’s a little remnant of what was as a little bit of a reminder,” Larsen said.

An outdoor fireplace and reading lounge is hard to imagine at this point toward the back of the building, walking through the springtime mud and muck, but Larsen assures it will be cozy and scenic once completed.

At the front of the building, a children’s area will be a bright and active addition.

“It will have a nature theme with it, with a playboat and a playhouse. It will be a fun place,” Smith said.

As the project is following Minnesota B3 sustainable guidelines, Larsen explained library visitors may notice an interesting pattern on the windows called fritting which is required for the guidelines to keep birds from wanting to fly on through. With the large windows that will be installed at the library, Larsen said that the pattern will be necessary in several areas.

A brief tour of the inside gave visitors on the tour an idea of what was to come and the size of the additions.

Comstock Construction project manager Kevin Koppang said that the next steps will be coming together in the coming weeks with the interior framing, sheetrocking and installation of the windows around June.

“Things are coming rapidly, now it’ll start coming together quickly,” Koppang said.

It is estimated that the project will be completed around December of this year.

By Kristin Goosen

Source, images, credits & more information: FergusFallsJournal