Earth Day & MinnKota Enviroservices: We Have A Plan For Your Cans!

Why Recycle?


The common goal intended is to capture more material by placing a redemption value on recyclables. Americans generate just under 5 pounds of trash per day so we encourage you to recycle what you can.  Remember, it doesn’t just save landfills, it saves valuable resources. And now,


We now pay 2 cent per pound for the sorted recyclables shown below that are delivered to the redemption centers.

  • Newspaper, shoppers & anything that is delivered in the newspaper, including glossy inserts. 
  • Steel & tin cans.
  • 1 & #2 plastic bottles with a neck (meaning it is smaller at the top than it is on the bottom). These include soda, milk, detergent and shampoo bottles.  Check for recycling symbol on containers.
  • Magazines, small catalogs & similar printed material with glossy pages.
  • Sorted white or pastel colored bond paper, typing paper, index cards, and envelopes with or without windows, premium bond computer paper and sorted junk mail.

What do you have to do?

Just sort and separate each recyclable into paper sacks or cardboard boxes.

Bring the recyclables shown above to any of the MinnKota Recycling Centers.

We will issue a check for the weight of the recyclables at two cents per pound.

If your recyclables equal less than $2.00, we will provide you with a redemption card so that you can accumulate weight up to 100 pounds prior to receiving a check.

Your proceeds can also be donated to qualified charities.  Please click here for a list of qualified charities in our area or here for a form to register your charity.

Source, image, credits & more information: MinnKota