New owners at Cedar Crest Resort: Brian and Cellia Schneck are all about the lake life

Brian and Cellia Schneck knew the resort life was for them early on.

They started taking family vacations to the lake rather than to places like Disney World or Six Flags, and they noticed their three kids enjoyed that environment much more.

"Early on, we figured out that the best vacations were going to a resort with the family," said Brian.

Now they get to live the dream and live that vacation life all year round, because they just bought Cedar Crest Resort on White Earth Lake in November, and have since been working little by little to make it their own.

"We are slowly making changes," said Cellia, adding that they've been updating the cabins with fresh paint, lighting, and bedding.

The Cedar Crest Resort is big — and it's open year-round. They have eight cabins, six motel rooms, 65 permanent camping sites, as well as a restaurant and bar, so the Schneck's are busy. Right now, during the winter, only four of the cabins and the six motel rooms are open, but that plus the renovations is enough to keep them working.

They changed the menu up at the restaurant and have been making other improvements as well, but the biggest change they have been working on is making the place more "family-friendly."

"We added a larger kids' area that's got kids games, video games, seating around a fireplace with a TV," said Cellia. "It's already been utilized. It's kind of fun to watch when a family comes in, and the kids are having fun, you know, and not bored."

Since the resort is also nestled along scenic White Earth Lake, there's also plenty for families to do outside.

"White Earth is a very beautiful lake. It's very clear. We've got one of the biggest beaches in the area," said Brian.

Not to mention, their private beach has a boat launch. They've also got a bait shop. They're well-equipped with amenities for the lake life.

In true lake life fashion, the resort also was not very tech-friendly when the Schnecks purchased it, but they have been making some changes there too, getting social media and websites up and running to make the resort easier to find and a little more well-known.

"When we came in, it was completely paper and pencil, so we are slowly transitioning everything over to the internet," said Cellia. "We still have a little bit to go."

But part of that lake life is being off the grid and away from the technology, and the Schnecks have just about anything you could need at their resort, so visitors can stay and lounge in the hassle-free resort life as long as they want.

By Kaysey Price

Source, images, credits & more information: DLOnline