Lapping the lake: Knodle eyes 6th Lake Alice 100

Sunshine and great weather is finally here making the Lake Alice 100 event a great opportunity for riders to get some fresh air and take the old bike out for a spin.

The event is fast approaching as the Lake Alice 100 will take place on Saturday. This year will be the Lake Alice 100’s sixth annual event and many have been eagerly waiting for the day to come. At each event, the ride sparks joy in the community of Fergus Falls, as it is a chance for people to come together and enjoy the day and be active. Through the years, there have been many participants who have completed the 100 mile challenge multiple times, however, only one has been able to complete the challenge every year, and that is Craig Knodle.

Knodle, age 57, has always lived in Fergus Falls and has been riding professionally for nine years. During the day he works as a technician at Coca-Cola and at night his hobby is to repair bikes through his business, Craig’s Bicycle Repair, located on South Union Avenue in Fergus Falls. Each year Knodle participates in the Alexandria and Fergus Falls duathlons along with a few rides in Wisconsin.

“Like I said, I have always liked biking. I used to ride quite a bit in my 20s, but then I kind of stopped for a quite a few years,” Knodle said when asked about what got him interested in biking. “Part of the reason I started riding bike again was because I got into a motorcycle accident back in ‘81 and broke my hip. By biking, it really helps with the pain. The pain still comes and goes, but since I have been riding bike there has been a lot less of it.”

Riding bike provides Knodle with a way of staying in shape and he enjoys it so much that each year he covers approximately 3,000 miles. While he claims to have no secret to completing so many miles in one day, such as the Lake Alice 100 challenge, Knodle said that it is important to stay hydrated. “The hardest part, for me anyway, is to make sure you drink enough because going that far you can get dehydrated and start cramping up. So yeah, drinking water is the biggest thing.”

Knodle plans to keep his five-year streak alive and complete all 100 miles again this year at the Lake Alice 100 even though he admits that, “It seems like it gets harder each year.” His advice to other riders participating in the event is to, “Just keep pedaling.”

For those interested in riding in the event, the mass start and pictures will be taken right away at 9 a.m., but riders are free to join in at any time. There is no admission fee and donations will be taken to help further the mission of Affinity Plus to make Fergus Falls a better place. Registration, food and other activities will be based near St. James Episcopal Church near Lake Alice in Fergus Falls. To complete all 100 miles requires the rider to finish 87 laps, however, riders are welcome to go as far as they would like whether it be a lap or all 87. Water, Gatorade, energy bars and fruit will be free for participants, and if riders do not own a bike, ISD 544 bikes will be provided.

By Sarah Huffman

Source, image, credits & more information: FergusFallsJournal