LAKE LIFE WKND 034 with Brittney Johnson about living and working in Lakes Country and why she became a candidate to go for office as a State Representative in District 8A in Otter Tail county. Learn about her background and her passion to make a difference in her life. She is only 25 years old and decided to become a politician in order to be a voice for living in rural Minnesota. Hear the full story and find more lake life on our daily updated website at #getoutandexplore #welovelakelife

Brittney Johnson is a young farmer from Underwood, Minnesota. Growing up with one foot in Central Minnesota and one foot in the Twin Cities shaped Brittney into a strong advocate for rural communities. She believes more can be done to help the people of Otter Tail County have a higher quality of life. She is committed to pushing for affordable health care, a solution to the addiction epidemic, and a strong rural economy.

Her policy experience began at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences Policy Engagement Program. As a PEP Fellow, Brittney worked with elected officials from across Minnesota on approaches to bipartisan policy development based on issues that impact rural communities.

She has since organized two community conversations with United States House Representative Collin Peterson about Healthcare and the Federal Farm Bill. She believes the best way to have representatives be accountable to their constituents is to bring them to the cities they represent. She hopes to continue this advocacy in St. Paul.