Explore Lakes Country!

Perfect weather and beautiful sceneries are inviting for many road trips in lakes Country again. We all have probably seen or taken the Scenic Byway Roads in Ottertail County before. If not, go out and explore! I love road trips and whenever I have the chance I go out and drive. It is the feeling of freedom to me when driving while my eyes look into the endless distance of rolling hills, blue sky and water.

The area around Vergas where I always begin my road trips is popular for motorcyclists and convertible cruisers but also a great road trip destination for the whole family. Away from digital media and TV entertainment you and your kids can watch wild life and the beauty of nature right in front of you. My son Harry and I go on road trips almost every week and I will share a couple spots which are worth checking out.

A Saturday Road Trip for us usually starts off with a lunch at the Loon’s Nest in Vergas. Yes, best burger around and Harry gets extra pickles with it. From there we leave town going West on HWY 4. You pass Loon Lake, Spirit Lake, and Drive through rolling hills until you reach Crystal Lake and Lake Lida.

You pass through both lakes slowly and climb up a little hill which gives you a beautiful view of Lake Lida rom the top. After passing Lake Lida you take a left going South on 233rd Ave which merges into 230th Ave and leads onto HWY 108 soon after. Keep going straight ahead South and you are on the most beautiful road in lakes country, I find. The road takes you alone the shore on the south aside of Lake Lida and you practically drive right between two lakes. The most beautiful views so close to the water!

Following the nice curvy drive through the trees, rich green and rolling hills you will arrive at the main entrance to Maplewood State Park where you can stop with the family to explore more of Minnesota and take a little hike after a big lunch. The drive from Vergas only takes 20-30 minutes on that route.

After spending the afternoon at the park and hiking the little “mountain: you probably enjoyed incredible views over Lake Lida and South Lida: unwinding, recharging and reconnecting. Maybe you deserve a treat now? We usually continue our trip leaving Maplewood going east on HWY 108 through another winging road. We call those Porsche curves in Germany…and they are fun.

When successfully passing through that stretch you arrive at the NW corner of Star Lake shortly after. On the corser of HWY108 and HWY 41 there is a colotful building with a partio in front to your right. Stop there and visit DuCharme’s Corner Store for ice cream and a break. When you are finished with the ice cream I believe you are ready to head home for dinner or a BBQ some place. The whole trip with lunch and hiking probably takes 5 hours. If you follow 108 east, you come to 85 going north which will lead you right onto HWY 35 which winds back to Vergas. You should find home from there again. Try this sometime #getoutandexplore